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Our Field Sales Representatives

Cary Brett Berman – President/Founder:  born in Philadelphia, PA.

Graduated Philadelphia University with a Bachelor of Science Degree. Sales authority spanning numerous industries over three decades.Always the innovator, Cary holds two U.S. Patents for two of his inventions and pending patents for his VSC kiosk as well as three U.S. Trademarks for three known brand names. AFIP Certified. He is an expert in vehicle protection products with an emphasis on the vehicle service contract industry. He does what he says he is going to do.

Cary is the proud father of his son Alexander,19, now a student at the University of Pennsylvania; daughter Colby, 22, now a student at Cardozo Law in NYC and Logan,22, in her final year at Penn State. He enjoys the beach with his long-time love, Ro, and is a big football and basketball fan being a long time Eagles and former Sixers season ticket holder. Cary enjoys being the PA announcer for five youth football teams. Call him at 610-227-5600 or e-mail him at autocary@aol.com.


James F. Longden - Executive Vice President:  born in Syracuse, NY. Territory - USA

A U.S. Navy Veteran.  Jim knows F&I, having set up and trained over one hundred Business Managers and has received accolades from Dealer management.  Jim has extensive technical knowledge in electrical engineering and digital electronics and enjoys music and restoring old clocks.  Jim says, “Call me because what we have is better for your customers, better for your service department, better for your used car department and better for your F&I department.” Call him at 315-558-3167 or e-mail him at jimlongden@yahoo.com.

Robert Rossiter

Robert Rossiter - Vice President:  Territory - New Jersey and New York City; resides in Warren, NJ

Rob has over 20 years of extensive automotive management experience. His commitment to excellence is evident as soon as you meet him. He has trained personnel in every dealership employment position. Rob is happily married and is the proud father of two children. He enjoys coaching his son's travel and MAPS soccer teams. Rob is a long-time season ticket holder for the NY Jets and NY Red Bulls. What we have is better for your customers, better for your service department, better for your used car department and better for your F&I department. Call him at 908-229-6270 or e-mail him at rob.rossiter1@gmail.com.

Shirley Schuetz – Office Manager:  resides in Egg Harbor Township, NJ

A graduate of Rutgers University with a BS in Business Management.  Shirley’s career includes Atlantic City Casino administrative work, and over ten years as a Legal Assistant.   She enjoys reading, photography, digital scrapbooking, concerts and spending quality time with her family and friends.  Call her at 609-513-1259 or e-mail her at autoshirleys@gmail.com.

Peter Schatzel

Peter Schatzel:  Territory - Eastern New York, New York City, Long Island

U.S. Air Force Veteran who served during Operation Desert Storm.  He then returned to his hometown in upstate New York to begin his 13 year career in the retail automotive business.  Peter worked his way up from the detailing department to the sales and finance management department very quickly.  He is extremely successful by increasing F&I profits, and compliance skills to all of our finance managers.  He is a huge fan of the New York Giants and all sports. He makes himself available to all of his dealers 24/7.  Pete says, "Call me because what we have is better for your customers, better for your service department, better for your used car department and better for your F&I department!"  Call him at 518-209-1488 or e-mail him at autopeter73@yahoo.com.
Jim Ross

Jim Ross:  Territory – North Texas

Jim is a North Texas native and has over 28 years of experience in the Finance and Insurance business within the auto industry. He attended LSU studying Finance, Economics, and Business Law. Jim is a proud father of two. His teenage son is an excellent athlete and possibly a better student. Jim’s daughter, not only hung the moon, but makes him proud, with her Band concerts and tennis matches. He frequents as many LSU games as he can with all the passion of a local Tiger fan. Jim Ross can help you with all your Finance Office products that make sense for your Dealership. Call him 214-850-7601 or e-mail him at jimrossCBA@gmail.com.

Geoffrey P. Frey Geoffrey P. Frey - Senior Agent: Territory Connecticut and Eastern New York; born in Manchester, CT

Geoff is the ultimate car guy having experienced almost every scenario.  He consistently increases dealership profitability.  He is the proud father of daughter Christine and son in law JT. Geoff is also the proud grandfather of twin girls, Maddie and Olivia.  He loves golf, UConn basketball and especially the Boston Red Sox.  Geoff says, “Call me because what we have is better for your customers, better for your service department, better for your used car department and better for your F&I department.”  Call him at 860-818-7391 or e-mail him at geoff299@sbcglobal.net.
Rick Perreault

Rick Perreault:  Territory - Vermont; born in Burlington, VT

A graduate of Castleton State College with a BS in Business Administration and AFIP certified, Rick is the ultimate sales professional with extensive retro and reinsurance program knowledge.  He has held numerous training seminars that have resulted in increased product sales and profits.  Rick is a happy husband and proud father of two sons, Mathew and Derrick.  He enjoys boating, golf, skiing, baseball, football and hockey.  Rick says, “Call me because what we have is better for your customers, better for your service department, better for your used car department and better for your F&I department.” Call him at 802-825-8125 or e-mail him at rick.perreault@comcast.net.

Jason Galizia

Jason Galizia:  Territory - Texas


Jay is a no-nonsense, uncomplicated car guy with 2 decades of automotive dealership management and F&I experience.  He has a very strong understanding of the big picture.  Jay has successfully trained dealership personnel to exceed their loftiest goals and has a proven track record of making average F&I managers into strong Business Managers.  His knowledge and experience with all facets of process and departments is priceless.  He enjoys boating, fishing and is a big boxing fan.  Call him at 512-749-9080 or e-mail him at autojay72@gmail.com.
Kenneth  H. Sheppard

Kenneth H. Sheppard, III:  Territory - Indiana, Southern Michigan, Eastern Illinois and Northern Kentucky; resides in Indianapolis.

A graduate of Missouri Southern College, Ken has over 25 years of experience in selling and training car dealers on finance, insurance and other aftermarket products.  Ken is AFIP certified and has worked at dealerships both selling cars and as an F&I Manager.  Ken is a wonderful husband and proud father of five children. He enjoys golf and NFL football.  Ken says, “Call me at 765-744-3299 or e-mail me at kenautodealers@aol.com if you want to increase your vehicle sales, make more money in your F&I department, or both.”

Peter Dockery

Pete Dockery:  Territory – New York

A graduate of U.C.C.C. with a degree in Criminal Justice, Pete has sales experience at the dealership level.  He works with constant integrity and respect for all.  He is a family man with a wife and two daughters.  He enjoys playing ice hockey, boxing and making wine.  Pete says, "Call me because what our agency has is better for your customers and all departments of the dealership and will increase product penetration and maximize profits.”  Call him at 845-901-0534 or email him at autodoc03@yahoo.com.

Ben Markowitz

Ben Markowitz:  Territory – Vermont, Massachusetts and Connecticut


Ben has over 20 years in the Automotive Industry. He has served as Finance Director, Service Director, Sales Manager and Fleet Operations Manager.  Ben has trained and mentored dozens of successful automotive managers. He enjoys Harley Davidson motorcycles, boating, fishing and golf.  He is also a devoted football fan.  Ben has been happily married for over 30 years, and is a proud father.  He has a strong understanding of what it takes to make a department successful and profitable by selling more products, and is willing to work closely with the dealership personnel to help them succeed.  Ben says "Call Me" because what we have is better for your customers, better for your service department, better for your used car department and better for your F&I department.  Call him at 978-212-9515 or e-mail him at ben@bamauto.net.
Matt Damato

Matt Damato:  Territory – Illinois and Minnesota; born in Chicago

Matt has over 20 years in the automotive industry with 15 years as an F&I manager/director. He has a strong understanding of what it takes to make a department successful and profitable by selling more products and is willing to work closely with the dealership personnel to help them succeed. He is happily married and enjoys spending time with his wife and their 4 children. He loves to golf and is a huge Chicago sports fan. Matt says to call him and let him show you how the products that he has to offer can help your F&I Department, Service Department and Sales Department generate more income. Call him at 630-696-6074 or e-mail him at mtdomato@yahoo.com.

Joshua Richards

Joshua Richards:  Territory - Kentucky


Josh has achieved an MBA in Marketing from Colorado Technical University.  He has spent his entire career in the automotive industry with franchise and independent dealerships.  He is happily married to his wife, Whitney.  They have a son, Blaze, who is 6 and a daughter, Callie, who is 2.  Josh is a Kentucky native and is proud to bring additional profitability and customer satisfaction to dealerships in his home state through our Agency offerings.  Josh says call him to start maximizing your profit on every transaction.  Contact Josh at (606) 205-8414 or e-mail him at richards.joshua@yahoo.com.

Rich Cirillo

Rich Cirillo:  Territory - New York, Long Island Area

Rich is a native New Yorker with over 25 years of automotive experience. He has extensive knowledge in all aspects of the industry and has owned and operated his own dealership. Rich has mentored and trained several successful managers in the industry, some of which are now prominent general managers, as well as successful business owners.  Rich has a degree in Culinary Arts and has two pilot television shows. He is the proud father of four children and recently became a grandfather.  Rich enjoys boating, fishing, skiing and writing children's stories. He is dedicated to his craft and believes that customer satisfaction is key to his success.  Call him at 516-537-2748 or e-mail him at richtvchef@aol.com.

Martin Smith

Martin Smith:  Territory - Wisconsin


Martin is a Marine Corps Veteran who served in the Gulf War.  Martin has over 15 years of F&I and dealership management experience.  In addition, he has a strong business to business sales background.  Martin is a former Golden Glove Boxer and was the Eastern Seaboard Amateur Muay Thai Boxing Champion in the 1990’s.  Martin is committed to helping every department in your dealership reach the next level.  Contact him today at 262-320-7220 or martin_smith@ymail.com.
Dennis McBride

Dennis McBride:  Territory – North Texas


Dennis is a native (Dallas) Texan with over 24 years of automotive and RV dealership management experience.  He has extensive F&I background and enjoys helping dealerships increase their profits through continuous product training and excellent customer service.  Dennis has been happily married for 28 years and has two beautiful daughters.  He enjoys reading a good book, golfing and is an all-around Dallas sports fan.  Dennis says, “Call me because what we have is better for your customers, better for your used car department and better for your F&I department.”  Call him at 214-300-5455 or e-mail him at dennislmcbride@gmail.com.

Christine H. Farnan

Christine H. Farnan:  Territory - Eastern New York; born in Albany, NY


A graduate of Siena College, Christine has over 25 years experience in the automotive industry.  She has worked with many dealers consulting and training while increasing their overall profitability in aftermarket sales.  She has two sons currently attending college and playing hockey in the Junior/NCAA College level.  Christine is involved with numerous charitable organizations in which she volunteers and dedicates many hours to these worthy causes.  She is very passionate about her profession.  Christine says, “Call me because what we have is better for your customers, better for your service department, better for your used car department and better for your F & I department.”  Contact Christine at 518-469-1092 or e-mail chfarnan@nycap.rr.com.
David J. McCready

David J. McCready:  Territory - New York

A graduate of Bryant and Stratton Business Institute with a degree in Accounting, Dave knows cars inside and out.  He was a race car driver for 17 years before becoming a track promoter and PA announcer.   He is the proud father of his son, Patrick.  Dave enjoys Karaoke and is an avid Buffalo Bills fan.  He has officiated high school basketball for 30 years.  Dave says, “Call me because what we have is better for your customers, better for your service department, better for your used car department and better for your F&I department.”  Call him at 716-560-2864 or e-mail him at autodavid.cba@gmail.com.

Tom Stang

Tom Stang:  Territory - Wisconsin


Tom Stang has over 20 years of successful dealership experience in Wisconsin. Tom has trained and mentored many productive sales people, sales managers and finance managers. Tom enjoys auto racing and competitive endurance sports. Call Tom today to bring his passion for success into your business today. C. Berman Associates and Tom can help you make more money now!  Contact Tom at 262-720-6223 or autotom7@yahoo.com.

Bob Hagenbuch

Bob Hagenbuch:  Territory - New York

Bob Hagenbuch is a native of Central New York and continues to live there with his wife, daughter and son.  Bob has over two decades of automobile business experience.   He studied Civil Engineering at Alfred State College, was a member of the wrestling team and the Psi Delta Omega fraternity.  He continues to be a wrestling official and has recently represented Section IV at the NY State tournament.  Bob is an avid hunter and sports fan and loves the NY Yankees.  Bob says call me, “because you will experience a positive difference in your CSI, F&I and your service department.”  Contact Bob at 607-316-8873 or bob.hagenbuch@yahoo.com.


Dane Grell:  Territory - Florida

Dane has over 20 years of extensive automotive F&I experience.  He spent many years serving as the Sales Director for the Southeast Division for Chrysler Vehicle Service Contracts and Mopar Accessories.   He has been happily married for 26 years and enjoys creating his own music from his personal recording studio.  Dane is very profit minded, results driven and process based.  Call him to raise the bar in your F&I and Service Department to peak performance at 407-401-0793 or e-mail him at grell21@gmail.com.

Mike Croker:  Territory - Florida


Mike studied business at McNeese State University where he received a scholarship for baseball.  He was elected to the school's Hall of Fame in 2006.  He is the proud father of a 24 year old son.  Mike has over 20 years of automotive dealership experience holding the positions of Sales Manager, General Manager and Finance Director.  He enjoys being a high school football and basketball official and his hobbies include golf and tennis. Mike is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Mike says, "Call me because what we have is better for your customers, your service department and your F&I department."  Call him at 727-492-6988 or e-mail him at michael_croker@aol.com.
Jon Mattis

Jon Mattis:  Territory - Georgia


Jon was raised and resides in Atlanta, Georgia after originally being born in New York City. He has over 10 years of automotive management experience at the dealer level and with a lending institution. Jon is a sports enthusiast and die-hard athlete who enjoys daily fitness, boxing and 5k races. He gravitates towards a challenge and has strong interpersonal skills. So if you're looking for an agent to provide professional, passionate and consistent service, please contact Jon at 404-740-0330 or email him at jon30039@gmail.com.

Ed Grabowski

Ed Grabowski: Territory – Massachusetts


Ed, a Boston native, has been in the automobile business since 1983.  His extensive experience includes almost every dealership position from sales to F&I, management, and ownership.  Ed has successfully trained dealership personnel increasing sales and profits.  He enjoys spending time with his wife, Nancy, and their teenage sons, Patrick and Tim.  Ed is a Scout Leader for his son’s Boy Scout Troop and is a lifelong Red Sox and Patriots fan.  Ed knows that there is no substitute for great customer service and working as a team to deliver winning results. Call him at 781-330-9793 or e-mail him at edg-cba@comcast.net.

Steve Glass

Steve Glass: Territory – North Carolina, South Carolina


Steve has over 16 years of extensive automotive experience working up from Sales to F&I Director. He is happily married to Elizabeth for 30 years and the proud father of 3 wonderful kids! Born and raised in Kentucky (big Kentucky Wildcat fan!), Steve and his family moved to the Carolinas in 1993. He loves listening to music, going to movies and sporting events, walking on the beach with his wife and playing “whack a ball” (golf) with his son. If your goal is to provide great customer service, while maximizing profits and increasing product penetration, call Steve at 803-431-6160 e-mail him at sglass.cba@gmail.com.

Bill Van Stine

Bill Van Stine: Territory – Ohio


Bill graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Science in Finance and a minor in Economics. He has over 20 years of extensive financial automotive management experience. Bill prides himself on maximizing customer satisfaction, profits and synergy between departments. He has trained numerous F&I Managers that readily admit to the appreciation of his efforts. Bill enjoys white water kayaking and strategic gaming. Contact him at 513-601-4944 or ohioautobill@gmail.com.

Mike Wooten

Mike Wooten: Territory – Texas


Mike attended Texas Southmost College in Brownsville, Texas and has over 25 years of automotive management, compliance, and F&I experience in the Houston market. He has trained and managed teams often exceeding 50 at any given time who readily show Mike gratitude for their success. Mike and his wife of over 30 years, Karen, are the proud parents of Peter, Sam and Rebecca. He enjoys fishing, hunting and spending time with his family. Contact Mike for friendly, fast, excellent service and all of your dealership needs at 832-571-0732 or rmwooten1@outlook.com.

Tom Swenson

Tom Swenson: Territory – Minnesota and North Dakota


Tom has over 15 years of extensive automotive management experience including franchise ownership. He and wife Holly are the proud parents of their daughter, Madysen and their boys, Spencer and Trak. Tom is a huge fan of the Minnesota Twins, Vikings, Wild and Golden Gophers. He enjoys coaching his boys' baseball and basketball teams along with watching his daughter play volleyball. Call Tom because what we have is better for your customers, your service department, your new/used car departments and your F&I department. He strives hard to ensure the success of all dealership departments that he interacts with. Contact Tom him at 218-790-3630 or e-mail him at tswenson14@hotmail.com.

Jeremy Little

Jeremy Little: Territory – North Florida and South Georgia


Jeremy has over 17 years of Dealership Management and Automotive Aftermarket experience.  He has partnered with numerous Dealers throughout the country providing consulting on Sales, Service, Parts and F&I processes that lead to increases in income and repeat business.  He is dedicated to helping Dealers utilize the tools we have to maximize F&I opportunities, improve customer loyalty and increase CSI.  Jeremy is happily married and the proud father of three.  He enjoys live sporting events, concerts, golf and the beach.  He believes in serving his customers better than anyone else!  Call him at 904-545-9430 or e-mail him at JLittleCBA@gmail.com.

Mike Melia

Mike Melia: Territory – Florida


Mike graduated Robert Morris College with a Bachelor's Degree with a Major in Accounting. His automotive career includes dealership and dealership servicing positions. Mike started his automotive career as an F&I Manager in Pittsburgh. He managed the the Southwest and Southeast territories for Chrysler Vehicle Service Contracts. Mike enjoys spending time at home with his longtime girlfriend Jaruwan and their 3 dogs. In his 19 year automotive career Mike has always put his customer's needs first. Call Mike to see what having a business partner who is committed to helping you achieve your goals with F&I, CSI and Service can mean for your dealership. Call him at 954-826-8400 or e-mail him at mmeliacba@gmail.com.

George Oliva

George Oliva: Territory – Texas


George has over 10 years of automotive management experience from Sales to GM to ownership. He knows automotive components inside and out often tinkering with his own vehicles. George is happily married with 2 sons and spends all of his free time with his family. He is a straight shooter and he'll never steer you wrong. George says if you're working he's working. There's never a bad time to call him. Contact him at 512-769-3818 or e-mail him at autogeorgeCBA@gmail.com.

James R Graves

James Graves: Territory – Utah


James has 20 years of Sales and Finance Management experience. He is dedicated to customer service and helping achieve a profitable dealership. James was raised in New York and has been living in Utah for the past 26 years. He is an avid Jeep enthusiast and helps with the Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah each year. James loves cars and has an extensive knowledge of them. He and his wife Kim have a son, Spencer, and a daughter, Sarah. James's desire for others success has made him successful in life. He will help every dealership become more successful and profitable. Contact James at 801-891-1830 or e-mail him at james.cba@yahoo.com.


Jerald "JD" Forrest: Territory – Northern Virginia, DC and Maryland


Jerald holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration from High Point University.  He is a "go getter" who sees opportunity in every challenge.  Jerald has a passion for business which he uses to strategically guide organizations to achieve maximum financial and growth potential.  He enjoys spending time with his family, nature, the beach, and jet skiing.  Let Jerald show you how our products and services are better for your customers, service and F&I departments while increasing your profits.  Call him at 703-472-5356 or e-mail him at jforrest1611@gmail.com.

Bill Scheetz

Bill Scheetz: Territory – Kansas, Missouri


Bill has over 30 years of dealership experience. He has owned a franchise dealership, a used car dealership and has been a General Manager of a multi-line store. Bill is experienced in building successful, profitable F&I Departments. He has been happily married for over 30 years and is a proud Father and Grandfather. Bill says "call me" because what we have is better for your customers, better for your service department and better for your F&I Department. Contact Bill at 816-668-5101 or email him at bscheetz97@gmail.com.

Jeff Sprung

Jeff Sprung: Territory – Massachusetts, Rhode Island


Jeff is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts with a Bachelor's of Business Administration in Marketing and Management. He has over 25 years of automotive management experience as a Service Manager, Sales Manager, F&I Director and GM. Jeff created and owned an automotive sales training company for many years. His well-rounded education and experience enables him to understand your dealership and assist you towards aftermarket product profit maximization. Contact Jeff at 339-206-0209 oremail him at jsprungcba@gmail.com.

David Ellenbogen

Robert Gonzales: Territory - New Mexico


Robert attended the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He has over ten years of experience in automobile managementand lending. Robert has extensive knowledge of all F&I products, lead creation/management, and subprime lending. He is originally from Philadelphia, PA which explains his love for the Eagles, Flyers, and Sixers. Robert is happily married to his wife Erica and they are the proud parents of their little boy named Dominic. Contact Robert at 505-850-5646oremail him at robert@cbwarranty.com.

Don Thomas

Don Thomas: Territory – Missouri, Illinois


Don is a native of St. Louis and attended the University of Missouri. He has over 19 years of experience in Finance, Insurance and Dealership Management. Don currently holds four insurance licenses in both Missouri & Illinois. He is an avid boater who enjoys spending time with his wife and children. Don believes in customer service and is committed to providing your dealership a total solution that will increase sales and profitability. Contact Don directly at 314-306-1774 or email him DonThomasCBA@gmail.com.

Shelley Taylor

Shelley Taylor: Territory –Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas


Shelley has over 14 years of retail management automotive experience having held almost every position including Sales, Finance Director, and Sales Manager. She understands the importance of providing excellent service and helping a dealership be more profitable. Shelley is the proud mother of her 22 year old daughter, Brittany. She enjoys golf, tennis, cooking and spending time with her fiance, family, and friends. Shelley says, "Call me because what we have is better for your customers, better for your service department, better for your used car department, and better for your F & I deparment." Contact Shelley at 901.497.4176 or email her at shelleytaylor21@yahoo.com.

Brian Martin

Brian Martin: Territory – Georgia


Brian currently resides in Georgia having spent most of his life in New York. He has over 10 years of automotive industry experience. Brian knows how to meet and exceed the needs and expectations of his dealers. He understands that the key factor to being successful and achieving your goals is not what you get out of it, but what you put into it. Brian is a systematic thinker with excellent verbal and interpersonal skills. He prides himself on being well informed on industry trends to provide the best information possible. For a higher level of care that will exceed your expectations, call Brian at 706-504-7999 or email him at Bmartin1.sales@gmail.com.

David Wright

David Wright: Territory – California


David is a proud Californian with over 25 years of F&I and lending experience. He will show you the best options for your customers and help increase dealership profits. David prides himself on the day-to-day service that he provides. He loves spending time with his wife and three granddaughters. David raced in the SCCA for 15 years and still enjoys auto racing. ContactDavid at 925-998-4634 or email him at david@autovsc.com for all of your F&I Department needs.

James Halderman

James Halderman: Territory – California


James has fifteen years of experience in the automotive industry as an F&I Manager/Director. He knows first-hand what drives the F&I department, and what it takes to make it a successful part of the dealership. James has been an F&I Manager in multiple states giving him a broad range of information and experience. He has trained many business managers that have went on to be very successful in their careers. James is happily married to his wife, Liz and they have two young children. He enjoys being outdoors, playing guitar, and sitting down with Liz for a good movie. James says, "Call me because what we have is better for your customers, your service department, your used car department and better for your F&I department.” He can be reached at (216) 288-7370 or e-mailed at jhaldermanjr723@gmail.com.

Wes Shanks

Wes Shanks: Territory – Illinois


Wes graduated Southern Illinois University at Carbondale with a Bachelor of Liberal Arts. He has over 10 years of extensive automotive lending experience where he focused on prime and subprime lending. Wes is happily married and is the proud father of two children. He enjoys spending time with his family, going to numerous concerts each year and brewing his own beer. Wes is always looking for ways to increase F&I profits. He is an expert at delivering the best customer service for your dealership. Call Wes at 618-203-3350 or e-mail him at wes.shanks4@gmail.com.

Jeremy Osborne

Jeremy Osborne: Territory – Southern California (above Admin)


Jeremy began his career in the car business nearly 30 years ago by scrubbing the floors of the Service Department on the weekends. His dynamic personality got him an invitation to the sales floor selling, not scrubbing. Jeremy has spent the last 20 years growing in the Finance Department. When he is not working hard for you, Jeremy can be found on a mountain bike trail with his family. This happy husband and father of two says call him because he is committed to helping your dealership exceed in all areas. Call Jeremy 949-378-9996 at or email him at josbornecba@gmail.com.

Jason Kasper

Jason Kasper: Territory – Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia


Jason is a native Pennsylvanian with 9 years of automotive management experience. He loves when consumers benefit from having their vehicles protected by good F&I products. Jason is the proud father of two sons, Logan 18 and Ethan 12. He enjoys hunting, fishing and being apart of his community. Jason has been coaching youth basketballfor over 15 years. There is nothing more important to him than being a part of a team and being a team player. Jason firmly believes that Together Everyone Achieves More. He would love to be apart of your team. You can reach Jasonat 814-421-4989 or email him at autojasonkasper@gmail.com.

Shawn Cloney

Shawn Cloney:Territory – Nevada


Shawn Cloney has over 15 years of automotive management experience. His career has included; Sales Consultant, Desk Manager, Finance Manager, Finance Director and General Manager. Shawn’s passion is automotive F&I as he loves to work with people and help others become successful. He is originally from Maine and enjoys all types of sports including football, baseball, basketball, and golf. Shawn was the US Amateur Chess Champion in 1986. He and his beautiful wife Jennifer, have 3 girls and a boy; Courtney, Maddie, Tia, and Alex with two attending college. You can call Shawn, anytime, 24/7, at 702-539-8765 or email me at shawncloney@gmail.com.

Cliff Berry

Cliff Berry:Territory – Arizona


Cliff is a graduate of the University of Las Vegas Nevada with a degree in Casino Management. He has 21 years of automotive management experience including; Sales,Consultant, GSM, Finance Director, and General Manager. Cliff has the dealership knowledge to help take your service and F&I Department to the next level. Cliff is a proud husband and father to his 3 sons, Tyler 18, Andrew 16, and Noah 13, and his baby girl Lily who just turned 2. He is a huge fan of the NFL and MLB, especially the Patriots and the Red Sox. Contact Cliff to maximize your profit, customer satisfaction, and product penetration throughout your Finance and Service departments. Cliff can be reached at 480-255-5544 or by email at cliffberry01@gmail.com.

Armando Garcia

Armando Garcia:Territory – Texas


Armando is an El Paso, Texas native and has extensive sales experience in the West Texas and Southern New Mexico areas. He has 10 years ofautomotive management experience and 15 years of experience in the Financial Services industry as a Registered Investment Advisor and Insurance Agent. Armando has degrees in Business Administration, Economics and Accounting and has served on various business and community service boards. He enjoys family time and playing golf. Armando says, "I can help you in expanding your market penetration and increase your profits." Call him at 915-328-4163 or email him at autocba.wtx@gmail.com.


LakeyshaBerzat-Blayne:Territory – Texas, Louisiana


Lakeysha is a graduate of the University of Houston-Downtown in Houston, Texas and has a BBA in Marketing. A Houston native, she is a proud wife and mother to a 12 year old son who plays baseball and basketball. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family and traveling. Her career background includes Real Estate Lending, Customer Service, Branch Management and Finance Manager. Putting her clients’ needs first is what drives her and what has made her very successful in her career. Determined to increase your dealer’s profit and product penetrations is her main focus and she will go above and beyond to provide. Please call her at 832-356-0048 or email her at LB4CBA@gmail.com.

David Drake

David Drake:Territory – Michigan


David is a U.S. Navy veteran and a graduate of Western Michigan University with a BS in Business Management. He started buying and selling cars at the age of 15 with money earned on his paper route and caddy job. David has over two and a half decades as an independent wholesaler, new and used car manager, and as an F&I Director. Through CBA, he offers proven solutions for long term success. When David isn't helping others, he is competing as a member of the Golfweek Amateur Tour, or spending quality time with family. When you're ready for an Agent that does what he says and is always available to help your organization prosper, call David at 248-343-6020 or email at ddrake24@yahoo.com.

Joss Greene

Joss Greene:Territory – Washington, Oregon


Joss is a native of the Pacific Northwest and studied Finance and Marketing at Washington State University. He has over 20 years of retail automotive experience including sales, finance, and Sales Manager. Joss has a broad understanding of what it takes to increase dealer profits, performance, and customer satisfaction. He enjoys life on and off the job happily sharing his love for good food, good music and the great outdoors with his family and friends. “I understand exactly how important your dealership’s bottom line is and how to increase your profitability. I’ve put in the time, done the job, and know what it takes to be the best. I will help you get there. ”Joss can be reached at 360-281-4999 or jossgreene@outlook.com.

Lisa Victory

Lisa Victory:Territory – Oklahoma


Lisa studied Business Finance and Marketing at T.C.C. in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Originally from Illinois, she has lived in Oklahoma for the last 32 years. Prior to her automotive industry career, Lisa spent 15 years in the mortgage and finance industry. She enjoys building relationships and helping her dealerships increase profitability. Lisa has been married for 17 years and has two beautiful daughters who are both active in sports and cheer. She is a huge Chicago Cubs fan. Lisa says call her as she knows each dealership is unique and she wants to put a process in place that works for each dealership to increase profitability. Call her at 918-764-5238 or email her at autolisa.cba@gmail.com.

Scott Korner

Scott Korner:Territory – Indiana


Scott has over 30 years of extensive automotive experience with all departments within the dealership. He is always eager and willing to assist stores with processes and procedures from the detail department all the way to senior management. With his experience assisting independents to franchise stores, Scott has something to offer every dealership to increase profits and efficiencies. He has been happily married for 27 years with 3 children and enjoys the great outdoors and numerous sports. Call Scott to assist your store to increase profit opportunities and become a valued partner of the CBA Agency at 510-648-6568 or email him at kautoscott@gmail.com.

Chris Marshall

Chris Marshall:Territory – Michigan


Chris has an Associates Degree in Marketing and Applied Management from the Schoolcraft College in Livonia, Michigan. He landed his first sales job at a Buick store while still in high school. Chris has over three decades of dealership management experience in Finance in both automotive and power sport distribution. He has extensive knowledge of dealership operations and will help you increase profits in all facets of your store. Chris enjoys spending time boating, golfing, skiing and snowmobiling. He is a diehard Lions, Red Wings and Tigers fan. Chris enjoys his time with his wife Linda of 20 years and his step-daughter Symone. Call him at 248-275-8655 or email him at cbamoneymarshall@yahoo.com.

Zvonko “Z” Klapan

Zvonko “Z” Klapan:Territory – New York


Z has over 25 years of extensive automotive management experience. He has worked in every dealership position including F&I and GM. Z is married to his wife Christine for over 32 years and they have two daughters and a grandchild. He enjoys gardening, soccer, football and Syracuse University basketball. Z will help you increase your dealership profits and customer satisfaction. Call him at 315-530-5329 or email him at zklapan@yahoo.com.

Mark Barnett

Mark Barnett:Territory - Arkansas


Mark has spent most of his career in the automotive industry. His two decades include significant hands-on F&I expertise. He is SEC licensed, and has trained many finance professionals. Mark enjoys spending time with his four children and three grandchildren. He enjoys duck hunting, shooting, motorcycles, and music, with a special fondness for guitar. Mark wants you to call him so he can help you with all of your dealership requirements. Call him at 501-519- 0565 or e-mail him at ?auto1mark@gmail.com.

Joyce Miller

Joyce Miller:Territory - Florida


Joyce is a Florida resident for 3 decades originally from New Jersey. She has 25 years of all aspects of the auto industry. Joyce is married to Allen and havefour children: Everett, Michael, Collins, and Jennifer. She enjoys outdoor water sports activities. Joyce has been an advocate for foster care children since 2009 and a volunteer as a Guardian Et Litem through the 17th Circuit of Broward County. Contact her at 407-516-4744 or email her at Joyce.Miller.aug28@gmail.com.

Donny Hannum

Donny Hannum:Territory - Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia


Donny Hannum was born and raised in the suburbs of Richmond Virginia. He attended Virginia Commonwealth University and is an accomplished glass artist.Donny has over 18 years of experience in Finance, Insurance and Dealership Management. He is an avid boater who enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter. Donny believes in top notch customer service and is committed to providing your dealership a total solution that will increase sales, profitability and customer retention. Contact Donny at 804-357-3856 or email him at DHannumcba@gmail.com..

Rob Black

Rob Black: Territory - Virginia, North Carolina


Rob started in the auto industry in 1994 working in Parts and Service then transitioning into Sales and ultimately F&amop;I. He has also spent time as a licensed Insurance Agent and as a Lender in both Virginia and North Carolina. Rob and his wife have 2 children: Ryan and Elizabeth. He is an avid sports fan in his spare time. Rob enjoys fundraising for the South Hill Shrine Club, where he serves as President. He says, "Call me because what we have is better for your customers, better for your Service Department, better for your Used Car Department and better for your F&I Department". Contact Rob at 434-917-2866 or email him at RBlackcba@gmail.com..

Laura Gleeson

Laura Gleeson: Territory - Montana, Wyoming


Laura, originally from Arizona,is a resident of Billings. She has 20 years of automotive and power sports industry management experience with an emphasis in finance. Laura has two children and loves spending time with them. She is an adult leader in her son’s Boy Scout troop and is a baseball mom with involvement with her son’s Little League team. Laura enjoys camping, cooking, and crafting. She says, "Call me because what we have is better for your customers, better for your Service Department, better for your Used Car Department and better for your F&I Department". Contact Laura at 404-696-4038 or email her at lgleeson@mail.com..

Tracy Floyd

Tracy Floyd - Territory - Missouri, Illinois


Tracy has 25 years in every aspect of the automotive industry. She has had training and experience in running a dealership, but her passion is with the F&I Department. Tracy has three sons and enjoys spending time with them and watching them play sports. Her hobbies include cooking, photography, and spending time with her family. Tracy is committed to increasing your profits and will help your dealership do so. She can be reached anytime at 314-374-6390 or tfloydcba@gmail.com.

Renzo Murrieta

Renzo Murrieta - Territory - California


Renzo, based in San Diego for 10 year, was a Massachusetts native. He has been in the automobile business since 1991. Renzo has held various dealership management positions, including sales and F&I. He has always been a team player and a team leader. Renzo has had the living experience of both the East and the West Coasts. He will always be in an avid Boston sports fan. Renzo enjoy his time with his family and golf. Renzo’s number one goal is to provide great customer service. Contact him for friendly, excellent service and all your dealership needs at 401-636-1869 or at cbamurrieta@gmail.com.

Aimee Morozin

Aimee Morozin - Territory -


Content Coming Soon.

Troy Henderson

Troy Henderson - National Sales Support:  resides in Mays Landing, NJ


Troy has 25 years of experience in the automotive industry. Troy is an F&I expert spending many years as an F&I Director of a large group. In addition, he spent 5 years as an F&I Trainer for JM&A.  He is the proud father of 3 sons and 2 daughters. Troy is an avid Phillies fan and he enjoys constructing WWII battleship models with his sons.  Call him at 609-470-1736 or e-mail him at autotroy2@gmail.com.

Lori Jillson

Lori Jillson: Administrative Assistant


Lori was born and raised in Middletown, New Jersey. She is happily married to Bret for 23 years and is the proud mother of 22 year old son Nicholas and 19 year old daughter Christina. Before joining C. Berman Associates, Lori worked in the public school system for 13 years. She loves spending time with her family especially going on family vacations.Call her at 609-568-5701 or email her at autolori70@gmail.com.

Abdullah Hampton

Abdullah Hampton: Administrative Assistant


Abdullah is an Army Veteran who was born and raised in Atlantic City, New Jersey. He previously was a Timeshare Salesperson and worked as an Office Coordinator at an Atlantic City casino. Abdullah enjoys video gaming, basketball, jogging and time with friends and family. Call him at 609-568-5701 or email him at cba.hampton@gmail.com.

Emmanuel Boykin

Emmanuel Boykin: President, CBA Innovations / Kiosk Division


Eman is a graduate of Central Michigan University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management and a Masters in Administration. He is also a graduate of the NADA Dealer Academy. Eman is skilled at developing strategic professional partnerships and experienced in instructing programs on leadership, management, sales and customer service. From 1985 to 2001, he was in corporate management in the areas of finance, engineering, marketing and business planning for General Motors. In 2001, Eman began a fellowship and eventually became a successful General Manager and Dealer Principal for over 10 years. He enjoys traveling and taking vacations with his wife and daughters and two small dogs. Call Eman at 586-243-5558 or e-mail him at eboykin.cba@gmail.com.

Keith Rubin

Keith Rubin: Project Manager,CBA Innovations / Kiosk Division


Keith is a Pennsylvania State University graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Economics. He is an award winning multi-unit regional service manager with over two decades of experience. Current and prior responsibilities include overseeing day to day operations at multiple auto retail and repair facilities, P+L responsibilities, training, recruiting, customer service, and HR responsibilities. Keith is the proud father of twins, Maxwell and Landon. He is also the Cubmaster of Manchester Cub Scouts. Call him at 732-228-0884 or e-mail him at keithrubin78@gmail.com.

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